Albert Clack

Albert Clack became an actor and author in his sixties after working for 38 years as a journalist. He has written two crime novels, ‘Murder at the Theatre Royal’ and ‘Murder of a British Patriot’ and edited his late father’s WWII prisoner-of-war memoir ‘My Underground War’. All three books are available from Amazon. He was born in Brighton, England, in 1947; educated at Varndean Grammar School for Boys, Brighton; Bradford University (BA in French & Russian); and Sussex University (MA in International Relations). From 1969 to 2006 he was a journalist specializing in international reporting; working for Reuters News Agency for 17 years, and for ITN and other TV news companies for 20 years. As a foreign correspondent, he lived in France, Argentina, Yugoslavia, Cuba and Dubai. He is fluent in Spanish & French, and very rusty in Russian & Serbo-Croat. At the age of 59 he retrained as an actor, and has been working professionally as an actor since 2007. Stage credits include major roles in Shakespeare, Chekhov, Bernard Shaw & Oscar Wilde.


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