Whatever the reviewers say, I liked ‘Surburbicon’

I’ve just seen ‘Suburbicon’, which out-Hitchcocks Hitchcock for suspense, and out-butchers Titus Andronicus for gore.

In the first half I was tense over what the bad guys might do; in the second half, I enjoyed waiting to see which twisted, evil scumbag’s gonna get it next.

Plus I liked the simple metaphor at the very end about a new generation of Americans starting to bridge the racial divide at the end of the 1950s.

The professional reviewers seem to have almost universally hated this film; mostly, it appears, out of a grovelling subservience to political correctness, which they think demands that the plight of the black family next door shouldn’t be a mere sub-plot.

So how would that work? By making a totally different film about a totally different story involving totally different people?

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Whatever the reviewers say, I liked ‘Surburbicon’